WonderLand preschool academy

Our school is operating successful 12000-square-foot elevator day care facility since April, 2011. We currently provide care for children, ages 2 to 5 on a daily basis. We provide full time day care, after school programs and extracurricular activities: dance, music, vocal, art, martial arts and more. Every member of our staff is licensed, registered with the Board of Education and Department of Health. Our academy is licensed by the New York City Department of Health. We strictly abide by the health code. 


2-year old classroom

We focus on socialization and independence as children lean to play together, share toys and learn through play. We have a relaxed environment where children are patiently encouraged to take an active role in their learning experience. The children will learn color, shape, numbers, letters, and about them selves, the world around them.


3-year old classroom

We focus on socialization and independence and learning through play. Children will begin to develop logical thinking skill, increase fine motor skill, and increase looking, listening skill/Pre-reading skill. Children will learn to sequence events, classify, and recognize common attributes of objects understand opposite concepts as open/shut as well as recognizing the letters of the alphabet and the sound of each letter. They will also learn about numbers. They will count, compare sets of numbers and relate them to the correct numeral. They will develop a strong foundation that is essential to later work in addition and subtraction.



Our Pre-School teachers work with our program coordinator to plan a curriculum, based on individual growth. Developmentally appropriate activities are used to advance the skills of our children and bring them to their fullest potential, preparing them for kindergarten.



We offer Kindergarten, an exciting and rewarding class for kindergarten age children that will give all they need to excel in first grade. We create a learning environment that entices a child to explore, learn and practice new skills. They are not only gaining academic skills but also social skills, express their feelings, increase self-esteem and understand their own uniqueness. We engage children in fun and creative ways that teach them to read and enjoy reading activities. They will learn to identify and use spoken words that rhyme, will read automatically a set of high-frequency sight words. They will be able to dictate their thoughts and later write using letters and drawings to communicate. They will talk together many times each day for a variety of purposes: to socialize, explain and discuss new information, ask questions and express ideas and feelings. In math they will sort and know the value of coins, know words that relate to a time of day and what activities happen then. They will add, subtract, compare and be able to solve word problems. They will understand that to know how many, they have to count. In science they will explore the physical properties of materials, changes in plants and animals through the seasons and much more. Social studies allow students to explore the concepts of self and others including family and community. They will also have art, fitness and health lessons and use technology to support classroom learning and express creativity.


Development room

We currently offer the following extracurricular programs for our students to join based on their interests. The activities are professionally taught and always supervised by our staff of accredited educators:

  • Dance – Choreography & Instruction
  • Sports School – Games & Instruction
  • Art Class
  • Vocal and Music
  • Tia-Kwon-Do


After School

2:30 PM – 6:00 PM

The main goal of our After-School Program is to provide a safe and positive environment for the students through the following:

  • Enriching and empowering
  • Building on children’s interests and strengths
  • Applauding their achievements
  • Planning, coordinating, implementing and evaluating the After-School Program.

After-School Program also will help to improve the academic performance of participating children. For many children, their reading and math scores have improved in large part because After-School Programs allow them to focus attention on areas in which they are having difficulties.


School Calendar 2016 - 2017

Mon., Feb., 15 – President Day: closed

Fri., April, 22 – Passover: early dismissal 3:30 P.M.

Mon., May, 30 – Memorial Day: closed

Mon., July, 4 – Independence Day: closed

Mon., Sept., 5 – Labor Day: closed

Mon., Oct., 10 – Columbus Day: closed

Tues., Oct., 11 – Early dismissal 4:00 p.m.

Wed., Oct., 12 – Yom Kippur: closed

Thurs., Nov., 24 -25 – Thanksgiving: closed

Sun., Dec., 25 – Christmas Day observed

Mon., Dec., 26 – Closed

New Year’s Day observed Mon., Jan, 2, 2017

Mon., Jan, 16 – Martin Luther King Day- closed

Mon., Feb., 20 – President Day: closed

Friday, April, 14- Good Friday: Early dismissal 3:30 p.m.

Mon, May, 29 – Memorial Day: closed

Tues., July, 4 – Independence Day: closed

Mon., Sept., 4 – Labor Day: closed

Friday, Sep., 29 – Early dismissal 3:30 p.m.; Sep, .30 Saturday – Yom Kippur

Mon., Oct., 9 – Columbus Day: closed

Thurs., Nov., 23 -24 – Thanksgiving: closed

Mon, .Dec. 25 – Christmas Day: closed

Mon, .January, 1, 2018 – New Year’s Day

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